Catellus Group is a small, privately owned real estate development company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our philosophy is simple: We visualize what others can't. So much of real estate is about opportunity - seizing the idea, tinkering with the process, and staying true to your potential until a viable and investment quality result is attained.

We change what others won't because we dare to think outside the box. Where others see a broken down building with little value, we see a luxury hotel. When others have given up on a property because it became too hard to manage, we step in to cure the problem. When others have been unable to see income potential, we become innovative. We are not the largest company; however what we do have is the vision, the knowledge and the relationships to create positive change for communities, as well as, individual real estate properties. And we've been doing it for nearly 40 years.

It is no accident that you haven't heard much about us - we like to play quietly. We are not in the limelight; we are in the trenches. Each of our staff members have shaped decisions that have solved a real estate problem, created community impact, realigned financial stability and increased viability. We know how to get the deal done. We've acquired, disposed, rehabbed, managed and developed an impressive portfolio of properties over many years.

We actively seek out real estate opportunities in hospitality, retail, office, industrial and development land to reposition into an investment quality asset. Contact us to learn how Catellus Group gets it done.

An Excerpt from the book Better Places, Better Lives, an autobiography of James Rouse, by Joshua Olsen sums up our philosophy well:

Rouse was well aware of the power of his optimism and how this attitude made him different from others. "I have been blessed" Rouse noted. He scrawled in his notebook, "with what is so deeply ingrained in me that it is almost automatic - a reflex to most circumstance and events that directs me to seek out the creative and constructive opportunity in almost every situation. I am philosophically, spiritually and emotionally persuaded that virtually every circumstance, however adverse or bewildering it seems to be at the moment has a creative potential, that my task is to find that potential - to avoid preoccupation with immediate unfavorable impact and move beyond to the lesson or direction or opportunity."

Rouse also was ingrained with the belief that creating wealth corporately can create wealth communally.